Arrived in Muscat…Go for India Tomorrow!

June 22, 2016, In: RTW Flight Blog

Heard from DB today and he said he’s in Muscat, Oman. He reports that everything is going well overall (other than some of the little snags documented in the blog over the last few days). Tomorrow, wx permitting, he’ll make the trip over the Arabian Sea into India with an expected destination of Ahmedabad. He will be spending several days at various locales in India visiting with family and friends, but also doing another very important task (the reason for this round the world flight!)…he’ll be raising awareness about diabetes and handing out glucometers as well. I expect to get a few messages from him while he is there about his visits and conversations about diabetes, so hopefully you’ll get some “first hand” writing from DB himself! Be sure to check out this great article that the Franklin Press wrote up about DB! You’ll learn a few fun facts, but also get a great explanation on why he decided to fly round the world to raise awareness of diabetes.

In the mean time, I have another batch of photos he sent to me for your viewing pleasure.

This first set is of Stromboli, Italy. Stromboli is a small island in the Tyrrhenian Sea just off the east coast of the Italian mainland. It’s home to Mt. Stromboli, one of the most active stratovolcanoes in the world. It’s been constantly “erupting” and bubbling at the top for over 2,000 years! It’s been dubbed the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” because there’s always a glow at the top. If you look closely at the first two photos, you can make out some steam and smoke emanating from the top of the cone. You’ll also notice the black lava flow down the side of the mountain. On the left side of the first photo, you’ll see San Bartolo, one of the three villages on the island.

Stromboli, ItalyMt Stromboli

Stromboli 5































The next few photos are from the crossing out of the Mediterranean into Egypt and the Sahara desert. He reported that the Mediterranean was so tranquil along the coast of Egypt, and as you can see, appeared to have extremely blue water. Soon, the water was replaced with nothing but miles and miles of sand dunes.

Flying into Egypt 2 Flying into Egypt Egypt desert 2














Next up, photos from Jordan and then Bahrain. DB flew into the town of Aqaba, Jordan which is literally on the border with Israel. He said the Aqaba airfield is almost side by side with the Yotvata airstrip in Israel (with only a fence in between). He said it’d be easy to land at the wrong one if you weren’t careful!

Aqaba, Jordan 1 (from 7th floor of hotel; looking west; note Gulf of Aqaba/Red sea and Israel in distance)

Aqaba, Jordan 2 (mountains of Israel in distance)

Aqaba, Jordan 3 (town square street scene)





































Finally, a couple of shots from his hotel stop in Bahrain. He said that it was a beautiful hotel…a true oasis in the middle of a vast desert! You’ll note the bananas and flowers growing at the hotel pool. He said everything is paved there in an effort to keep the sand out!

Bahrain2 Bahrain1





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    • Neelam
    • June 22, 2016

    Way to go Deba.

    • Bruce Cynamon
    • June 24, 2016


    Congratulations on arriving in India. Hope you are enjoying this most magnificent adventure.

    • Karl Young
    • June 28, 2016

    Thanks for the pictures! Keep up the good work, fly safe!

    • Vittal
    • June 28, 2016

    Happy to note that you are safe and the trip is going as per plan. I keep checking the blog. Best of luck. I will be in Japan from 8th to 21st July. Let me know your arrival date and place

    • Pat Montee
    • June 30, 2016

    Loved the Stromboli photos and peered hard to recognize modernday Aqaba ! Your flight continues to fill me with awe at your courage and at your pilot skill, not to mention dedication.

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