Flight Angel at Biggin Hill

June 17, 2016, In: RTW Flight Blog

DB wanted me to share this great story with you from when he was stopped over at Biggin Hill airport just outside London.

Apparently, Rebecca had been racking up a few issues during flight. First, the engine magnetos were not working as they should (‘haywire’ is the word DB used). Magnetos are extremely important components in the engine as they are where the electrical charge originates that moves into the spark plug at the right time and pacing. Pilots do a “run-up” check before each leg of a flight to check the plane’s systems, the magnetos among them. Apparently Rebecca’s were not acting within tolerances and needed adjustment. Rebecca also had a busted cigarette plug in the cockpit leaving DB without power to charge his electronics in flight. On top of that, Rebecca sustained some damage to her left main wheel pant, the fairing that covers the wheel and provides some aerodynamics. DB said he had no idea when, where, or how it happened. Finally, and most aggravating of all, the vertical trim tab was malfunctioning and forcing DB to fight with the flight yoke constantly to maintain level flight.

Rebecca’s left wheel pant

So, while in Kent, DB took Rebecca to Amarjit Singh’s Falcoln Flying Services for some servicing. Amarjit has been at Biggin Hill for nearly 30 years providing service to general aviation pilots and planes. He met DB on the ramp and took him inside for coffee and prayers asking blessings on DB, Rebecca, and the entire trip. Amarjit’s had his maintenance techs fix Rebecca’s magnetos, restore power to the cigarette lighter, remove Rebecca’s damaged wheel pant, give DB six quarts of synthetic oil, two landing light bulbs, a tail light bulb, and restore the vertical trim’s functionality to normal. He did all of this for FREE!

DB was pretty overwhelmed by Amarjit’s generosity. He related to me that he aviation industry is typically there to rip you off, not cut you any slack. He said he was a true angel.


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    • Phyllis
    • June 18, 2016

    Isn’t it amazing to find such kind people all over the world? Of course, you are a kind person yourself so it makes it easy for people to want to respond likewise. So glad that Rebecca is back in prime condition. Just hope you are, as well. Take care DB, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Phyllis & Doyle

    • Sue Molstad
    • June 19, 2016

    Good Morning From Michigan,
    So glad you and Rebecca are doing well. At some points we all need some attention, particularly after some challenging flights. What kindness people are truly capable of..thank you for sharing.

    • Subroto
    • June 22, 2016

    Sat Sri Akal , Amarjit Singh – Thanks for your invaluable service to Debasishda and your large heartedness . God Bless you , your Family and your Team !

    • RmB
    • June 22, 2016

    Thank you Amarjit Singh, for your generosity, prayers, and blessings! May you be blessed twofold!

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